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MOMO Module Red Gear Knob

MOMO Module Red Gear Knob

Not only does this feel good to grip its looks are superb! Cannot fault this product, my mates always pick up on the looks. 🙂 3 Thumbs up!

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Apexi RSM-GP (Rev / Speed Meter)

Apexi RSM-GP (Rev / Speed Meter)
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Product:Apexi RSM-GP (Rev / Speed Meter)
Model #:AP-405-A912
Manufacturer Part #:405-A912
Fitting Guide:Universal

Like the original, the new Rev / Speed Meter GP is a complete multi function measuring device designed to measure and monitor data such as vehicle speed, engine RPM and elapsed times. The new screen utilizes the easy to read VFD (Vacuum Flourescent Display) with built in light sensor used in many of APEXis line up. The new unit also delivers a host of new functions.

Standard features include: Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, Travel Distance and Battery Voltage (all which can be displayed in real-time graph mode, or analogue mode; 1-4 channels at a time). Peak Hold, Replay (60secs), Speed Limiter Cut, 0-100m/200m/400m time with Trap Speed. 0-100km/h/200km/h/300km/h times, Mid Range Acceleration (user can preset any range of speed to measure), Stop Watch functions, Best Time Memory, RPM Warning, Speed Warning, RPM & Speed Outputs (for external devices requiring an RPM or Speed signal). Tyre Size Correction (for timing accuracy), and Vehicle weight input.

One of the most exciting new features is the option to utilise a revolutionary APEXi G-Sensor (Sold separately). The G-sensor allows the unit to measure G-forces in a 4 way front/rear/left/right directions. This data can be plotted in a graph display to map acceleration characteristics and lateral Gs on a race track, or used in an array of new features including : Highly accurate 100m/200m/400m times with trap speed and wheelspin correction, produce an extremely accurate power measurements. Usually, when measuring 0-400m times through the speed senso signal alone, the meter will end measurement too early (shorter distance due to wheel spin). Using the G-Sensor modifies the speed sensor signal, compensating for wheel spin, and producing impeccably accurate acceleration times.

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