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Sparco Fuel Tank Cap with neck

Sparco Fuel Tank Cap with neck

We fitted one of these to my car (ROLLA SX) and it was just magic. It really cleaned up the side of the car and added a feature that not many cars hav…

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104+ IMPORTS Performance Boost (473mL)

104+ IMPORTS Performance Boost (473mL)
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Product:104+ IMPORTS Performance Boost (473mL)
Model #:10-104IMPORTS
Manufacturer Part #:104IMPORTS
Fitting Guide:Universal

New 104+ IMPORTS Performance Boost is the first engine booster precisely formulated for hi-revving small capacity Japanese High Performance Cars.

104+ definitely does NOT use harmful additives such as MMT. It has been shown that these additives can adversely effect catalytic converters, and clog spark plugs and oxygen sensors in today’s high tech engines.

Higher engine temperatures, and leaner mixtures combined with today’s unleaded fuels means that the new formulas are required to help boost the performance of these hi-tech road rockets.

104+ IMPORTS Performance Boost creates power and reduces the chances of detonation by combining a new combustion chamber cleaner with a unique lubricity additive that reduces heat, friction and wear.