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Sparco Steel Side Mounts

Sparco Steel Side Mounts

Very easy to fit to the seat, and so much easier to fit into your car. So much easier than paying somebody to make custom seats mounts which would cos…

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Security Safe Guards


The largest range of car lights and growing!

ULTRA Lighting Technology

As you know is more than just about performance and getting your car to move as quick as possible. We believe your car is part of your lifestyle so we also provide a range of styling gear to help you get your car looking its absolute best!

A lot of enthusiasts focus on styling and in particular pay close attention to body kits and paint. While I do agree these are important, it’s usually the finishing touches that make the difference!

One of these areas would be lighting. Standard/OEM tail lights and head lights can sometimes be a little “ugly”, boring or just old fashioned – doesn’t really do much for your cars personality! You may or may not know but we have hundreds of lights available from projector lights to tail lights for a diverse range of cars.

We also have the new HID driving lights available in various sizes and styles. Below are some links you should check out!

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 9th Feb 2010

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