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KAAZ Limited Slip Differential 1987-09/1989 Toyota MR-2 AW11 (4A-GZE) - Rear 1.5 Way

KAAZ Limited Slip Differential 1987-09/1989 Toyota MR-2 AW11 (4A-GZE) – Rear 1.5 Way

These KAAZ LSD’s for the AW11 are the best; and funnily enough the only ones bar one other type which you can get from what I have heard. Really nice…

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The History of ModYourCar

Dan Rucci
Founder and Managing Director

The business concept was put together early 2002 by Dan Rucci and ModYourCar was later released to the public on the 26th July 2002.

The concept is simple…. a dedicated online shop offering a personal service working in partnership with you to help you achieve your goals.

Having many years of automotive experience, the team at ModYourCar have the knowledge and skills to help you with your own vehicle projects.

Having strong relationships with the countries largest manufactureres, distributors and wholesalers, ModYourCar are able to provide the largest selection of products – a true ONE STOP SHOP.

In early 2008, Dan and the team had a vision to evolve ModYourCar from a basic “auto parts” shop into an Automotive Lifestyle shop than brings together the love of your car with your lifestyle – Dan beleives the two go hand in hand.

On the 26th July 2008 this vision became a reality when the new web site and service was successfully launched. Since then, ModYourCar has grown to new heights increasing their levels of customer service, value added services and product lines.

After almost 7 years running ModYourCar from his home office, Dan decided the next evolution for his business was the release of a new office and consultancy service. The new office was opened in June 2009, not even a year after the release of the new web site.

The new office means ModYourCar is able to offer you an even superior level of service then ever before through the new consultancy service.

So what’s next for Dan and ModYourCar? Well… you’ll have to wait and see! Stay up to date through ModYourCar’s very own news blog – Word On The Street.