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Go Fast Bits Blow-off Valve Mach 1 (35mm inlet - 30mm outlet - 30mm hose plug)

Go Fast Bits Blow-off Valve Mach 1 (35mm inlet – 30mm outlet – 30mm hose plug)

I installed 2 of these BOV’s in my 300zx TT, being a twin turbo it can cost a alot to get 2 good quality BOV. These were a breeze to install they wer…

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Security Safe Guards


ModYourCar OEM – all the factory parts you need!

ModYourCar OEM

ModYourCar has always been the place to go for an extensive range of aftermarket parts and accessories – the keyword being AFTERMARKET. We have specialised in bringing you the latest and greatest aftermarket products available on the market.

Over the years we have had many enquiries from customers about OEM parts such as lights and body panels and up until now we have directed customers to the manufacturer. So if Joe Bloggs needed a right quarter panel for his Nissan Pulsar we would have suggested going direct to Nissan.

As of right now we are able to provide OEM parts for a huge range of makes and models at fantastic prices, and in most cases a lot cheaper than buying direct from the manufacturer.

The OEM parts range we can provide includes bonnets, guards/fenders, stone trays/aprons, radiators, radiator support panels, doors, boot lids, tailgates, bumpers, grilles, head lights, tail lights, indicator lights, fog lamps, door mirrors & handles, cables and a lot more!

This is fantastic news and we plan on releasing this special service as ‘ModYourCar OEM’. At the moment there are no OEM parts on the site but that will be changing over the coming months.

In the meantime if you have the need for any OEM parts please contact us and we can quote you up!

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 25th Mar 2010

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