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MOMO F-16 Chrome Base Gear Knob

MOMO F-16 Chrome Base Gear Knob

Just bought the F16 and it looks awsome in the car. Just adds that touch of class! I really recommened this for anyone who is looking for a classy gea…

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Security Safe Guards


Brooke Vivoda the face of ModYourCar

If you are a regular on ModYourCar you may already recognise Brooke – she’s the Face of ModYourCar and as such is featured on many areas of our site.

Brooke is a well refined and polished young woman with styling and an image that we were looking for in our Face of ModYourCar. Brooke brings class to ModYourCar with her “top model” look and attitude.

Brooke was actually the first girl that came through our casting and right away we liked her – how can you not! To compliment god given fine looks is a soft, fun and approachable personality that makes it so easy to just love her.

Brooke Vivoda in action during the photoshoot!

The video below is a compilation of Brooke’s work on the day of the photoshoot, enjoy! If you get time leave some feedback on the video on Youtube!