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Simota 10mm Silicone Hose Kit (305cm)

Simota 10mm Silicone Hose Kit (305cm)

Just looking at this kit I have sitting here; it's packaged well and looks to be of a very good quality. The bright colour would really stand out in a...

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Security Safe Guards


The new Gizzmo MS2 Boost Controller - PRE-ORDER!

The Gizzmo MS-IBC has been our best selling boost controller ever! It's easy to tell why though... great features, fantastic results and all at what I consider a rock bottom price. The closest boost controller available is the new Turbosmart e-Boost Street but at $495 it's not even in the same league price-wise.

Coming up mid to late October, Gizzmo are releasing their new boost controller, the MS2. Obviously new and improved over the MS-IBC!

We are now taking pre-orders for the Gizzmo MS2 Boost Controller at a special price of $299. These will be selling for $399 when they are officially released so it's a great time to get in and save! Order yours today!

What's the difference between the new MS2 and the MS-IBC?

Feature MS-IBC MS2
Programmable Turbo TimerNY
Integrated Boost Cut RemoverNY
REMOTE scramble/memory changeYN
Closed loop Solenoid SupervisorNY
Solenoid duty cycle displayNY
Case colourBrushed BlackBrushed Gold
Display colourBlue LEDWhite LED

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 25th Sep 2009

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