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Torco Battery Box

Torco Battery Box

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Road Memory Digital Driver Protection System

Road Memory Digital Driver Protection System
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Product:Road Memory Digital Driver Protection System
Model #:RM-HDR-1000
Manufacturer Part #:HDR-1000
Fitting Guide:Universal

Already common in other countries, the RoadMemory is a Total Event Data Recorder that mounts on your windscreen and constantly records the view to SD card together with G-Force, GPS location and date/time and speed.

When the card is full it overwrites the data constantly recording in a loop. If however it detects adverse G-Force i.e. in the event of an accident, it will log and save the preceding video as evidence together with collected data (G-Force, GPS location and date/time and speed) to both SD card and internal 2G memory as a backup.

Also it has an internal battery that can operate the device for 20 seconds after disconnection of external power as the result of collision.

The RoadMemory comes with a very capable PC software package that can read the data files and play the video together with a Google map overlay and graph of G-Forces experienced. The evidential data this provides should you be the victim of someone else's bad driving cannot be over estimated.

There are many reasons for you wanting to install car black box system to your vehicle.

  • Provides strong evidence in the event of a non-fault road traffic accident.
  • Reduces the time taken to settle a claim.
  • Has been proven to modify driver behavior.
  • Reduce fleet costs and ensure your drivers are abiding company rules.
  • Can be fitted in minutes by any user.
  • Can be removed in seconds.
  • One single unit can be used in any vehicles.
  • Always-on system that does not reqiure any alterations after fitting.
  • A single SD memory card can hold days of video and data.
  • GPS data clearly shows car speed before,during, and after any event.
  • GPS mapping overlay using Google Earth shows exactly where the vehicle has been and how long it took to get there.
  • Prevents road accidents by studying the causes of accidents especially young drivers.
  • Helps police to find the causes of accidents easily rather than spending a lot of money and time to the crash investigation unit.
  • Video can be played on any PC without the viewer program

Video of the Road Memory in action!