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KAAZ Limited Slip Differential 1987-09/1989 Toyota MR-2 AW11 (4A-GZE) - Rear 1.5 Way

KAAZ Limited Slip Differential 1987-09/1989 Toyota MR-2 AW11 (4A-GZE) - Rear 1.5 Way

These KAAZ LSD\'s for the AW11 are the best; and funnily enough the only ones bar one other type which you can get from what I have heard. Really nice...

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Security Safe Guards


Redlight / Speed Camera GPS Warning System

As you may be well aware the use of radar detectors (apart from WA) in Australia is strictly prohibited. Some of the new navigation systems have in built features showing you static camera positions. That's all great but doesn't give you a complete picture.

The new systems from AlerteGPS are purpose built warning systems that show you speed camera spots, red light cameras and even warnings such as school zones.

They feature an intelligent database, which includes the direction of Red Light/Speed and Mobile* cameras as well as school zone times (not including holidays). By knowing the direction of the cameras, the AlerteGPS only warns you when you approach the controlled zone from the right direction, eliminating false alerts. They also knows the times at which school zones are active, eliminating false alerts when school speed restrictions do not apply.

The database is updated regularly and users get free and unlimited updates for the life of the product.

There are two models available, the G200 and G220 but in all honesty we recommend the G220 at only $249 it's worth every cent!

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 2nd Oct 2009

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