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Dual Pillar Mount - Holden Astra 2000-on

Dual Pillar Mount - Holden Astra 2000-on

I purchased this Pillar for my 2004 model Astra SRI Turbo and installed it with no trouble at all. It fitted nicely and looks awesome. I have mounted ...

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Nulon oils and lubricants now available


At last we are able to offer you a diverse range of oils and lubricants to suit everyone's application, from engine oils to lubes!

About Nulon

Leon Simons established Nulon in 1980 with 9 specific lubrications amid tough competition from global and Australian businesses, but his drive and enthusiasm for the industry has led to Nulon becoming one of Australia’s most successful business stories.

Today, Nulon remains a proud family owned company and the founder’s sons John and Greg Simons both joint managing directors, are using their experience, passion and dedication to take the company from strength to strength with more than 70 high performance products and a new multi million dollar state of the art production facility.

Part of Nulon's success has come from a belief that every product carrying the Nulon logo should be ‘Best of Breed’ whether developed by their technical team at home or by advanced engineering partners around the world. Stringent quality and performance testing ensures products are manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards. They are currently progressing towards ISO/TS16949.

One thing they have always been committed to is investment in research and development. It is through this constant research that they have been able to ensure that Nulon offers the most advanced lubrications technology on the market with a range of more than 70 high performance products, and is now the category leader in Australia with fuel treatments, engine treatments and engine coolants.

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Nulon Engine Oil Commercial

What a happy Nulon customer had to say...

I own a VT commodore. For the past few months it had displayed the concerning fault of being stuck in transmission fail-safe mode, and flashed a fault code of 85. After enduring this for 2 months to see if it was true, and also saving up for the repair bill, I took it to a mechanic and was quoted just under $3000 for a rebuilt transmission replacement. On the day I was to deliver the vehicle I got another mechanics opinion, took it to him with 4L of 100% Synthetic Nulon Transmission Fluid, and it came back with a repair bill of $160. The transmission mechanic simply serviced and cleaned out the transmission, and the fluid made all the difference. It shifts smoother and holds out longer in the gear ranges. I am impressed.

The mechanic was more so impressed. After seeing my car arrive and depart and my reports to him, he has decided to use Nulon as a replacement for vehicles requiring a genuine grade transmission fluid. He may even choose to use Nulon products for many applications.

I have now purchased Nulon oil products for a complete service of the car. Everything runs smoother with Nulon, I know personally!

David from North Plympton, SA

Engine Oil Engine Treatments Fuel Treatments Cooling
Engine Oil Engine Treatments Fuel Treatments Cooling

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 12th Nov 2009

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