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Pioneer TS-SW12041D 30cm (12

Pioneer TS-SW12041D 30cm (12") Component Subwoofer 1400W Max

Looking for a subwoofer that can produce a happy amount of bass whilst taking up less room? Looking for a subwoofer that doesn\'t take up all your ...

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Merry Christmas from the team at MYC!

Merry Christmas

It's incredible how fast this year has flown by and we are at the cusp of another Christmas - I guess time flies when you're having fun, so they say.

Thanks to everyone who participated somehow in our Xmas Promotion this year, it was a huge success and we have literally been flat off our feet for the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. Overall things have been pretty smooth with everyone receiving their gifts and goodies on time, so far not one issue with non-deliveries which is fantastic! Our priority over the period leading up to Christmas was making sure things were sent out on time and I feel we have accomplished our mission which I am happy about, as I am sure are our customers.

Apologies for not having any time to bring out more MYC TV videos but promise to get right back into it soon with a lot on the pipeline such as more interviews and more on the build of LE RX7. Remember if you have any ideas or requests please let us know, we are looking for feedback.

The Christmas Promotion ends tonight but I have decided to keep the site-wide specials running until the end of the year, giving you more time to take advantage of the discounts when you are looking to spend your Christmas money!

Before the end of the year I plan on putting together a summary of things that have happened here at in 2009, which is heaps - so look out for it!

From the team here at we wish you all a merry and especially safe Christmas holiday!

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 24th Dec 2009

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