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MOMO Combat Evo Carbon Gear Knob

MOMO Combat Evo Carbon Gear Knob

Great little knob. Lighweight and looks the part. Quality momo gear. :)

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Karl's 1993 Honda Accord (F22B)

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Karl's 1993 Honda Accord (F22B)

it ain't so cool yet... but i have plans...

Owner: Karl

Year/Make/Model: 1993 Honda Accord

Engine: F22B

  Engine Accessories

  Brakes and Suspension


  Rolling Stock

  Interior Gadgetry

  Audio/Visual Components

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Profile picture for Graham Graham 05-May-2010 4:53:14 PM

Thnx M8, keep up with your project, don't worry about cool just be happy with what you doing.......

Karl 04-May-2010 9:01:52 AM

Short Term:
Underbody & in-car LEDs (yes, they are street legal)
Respray bonnet and boot lid (sun damaged. )
Extractors & bigger exhaust
New air intake/pod filter

Lambo doors for the front
move number plate to bumper and angle, smooth boot lid

Long term:
Vtec (type r would be awesome) engine implant
Bigger brakes
6spd box

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 comments) Result Pages:  1