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Electronic Rust Protection Kit

Electronic Rust Protection Kit

Highly recommended purchase for effective rust prevention treatment. I installed mine on my new Forester last night; it took about 20 minutes, 5 of wh...

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Fleetdynamics Remote Shutdown

Fleetdynamics Remote Shutdown
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Product:Fleetdynamics Remote Shutdown
Fitting Guide:Universal

The fleetdynamics remote shutdown module is a simple device that can be spliced into the start circuit of any vehicle to prevent the vehicle being started. This easy to use immobiliser can be remotely activated and deactivated via the fleetdynamics website, preventing your vehicle being started once it has stopped moving.

This device is installed in the same manner as most vehicle immobilisers and is undetectable when installed correctly; the vehicle will be almost impossible to start with this device installed and enabled.

The remote shutdown module is a plug and play device; and is compatible with all new and existing fleetdynamics GPS tracking devices.

Theft recovery

If the unfortunate event should arise where your vehicle is stolen, by having this device installed along with a fleetdynamics GPS tracking unit; you will be prepared to remotely disable the vehicle and pinpoint its exact location, then relay all the information to the police to get the vehicle recovered as soon as possible.


  • Size: ~100x50x25mm
  • Weight: 0.09kg

This product comes with a complete 12 month replacement warranty.

* Please note it is the clients duty to ensure this device is installed in a safe and legal manner obeying all applicable state and federal laws; fleetdynamics take no responsibility for incorrect installation or usage of this device.

Dan interviews Russell from Fleetdynamics

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