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Dual Pillar Mount - Holden Astra 2000-on

Dual Pillar Mount - Holden Astra 2000-on

I purchased this Pillar for my 2004 model Astra SRI Turbo and installed it with no trouble at all. It fitted nicely and looks awesome. I have mounted ...

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Apexi G-Sensor Unit

Apexi G-Sensor Unit
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Product:Apexi G-Sensor Unit
Model #:AP-430-A013
Manufacturer Part #:430-A013
Fitting Guide:Universal

The G Sensor allows the newer Rev/Speed Meter to measure G forces in 4-way front/rear/left/right directions. This data can be plotted in a graph display to map acceleration characteristics and lateral Gs on the race track, or used in an array of new features including: Highly accurate 100m/200m/400m times with trap speed and wheel-spin correction, Horse Power Calculation, and Loss Power Calculation. By taking advantage of the optional G Sensor, the user can produce extremely accurate power measurements. Usually, when measuring 0-400m times through the speed sensor signal alone, the meter will end measurement too early (shorter distance) due to wheel-spin. Using the G Sensor modifies the speed sensor signal, compensating for wheel-spin and producing impeccably accurate acceleration times.