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Apexi Power Intake Filter Kit - 89/5-93/8 Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32 (RB20DET)

Apexi Power Intake Filter Kit - 89/5-93/8 Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32 (RB20DET)

Have one of these on my Skyline and they rock! Sound cool - and the quality of construction is second to none. They are a little bit more expensive th...

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AlerteGPS G200 Redlight/Speed Camera GPS Warning System

AlerteGPS G200 Redlight/Speed Camera GPS Warning System
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Product:AlerteGPS G200 Redlight/Speed Camera GPS Warning System
Model #:AL-G200
Manufacturer Part #:G200
Fitting Guide:Universal

100% legal in all states of Australia - pays for itself!

The AlerteGPS G200 is a speed camera and danger zone GPS warning system that warns you as your approach a controlled zone such as fixed/mobile speed camera and danger zones (school zones and black spots). Best of all it's 100% legal. It comes preloaded with a multipoint Australia database that avoids false alerts. The speed limiter function, coupled to the vocal messages, make the G200 a real co-pilot. The high-reactivity database AlerteGPS guarantees frequent updates, exclusively developed for the G200.

Smart Database

The AlerteGPS G200 features an intelligent database, which includes the direction of Red Light/Speed and Mobile* cameras as well as school zone times. (not including holidays). By knowing the direction of the cameras, the AlerteGPS G200 only warns you when you approach the controlled zone from the right direction, eliminating false alerts. The G200 also knows the times at which school zones are active, eliminating false alerts when school speed restrictions does not apply.

The database is updated regularly and users get free and unlimited updates for the life of the product.

*Mobile camera locations are based on common placements of mobile cameras. Some mobile camera locations are already recorded in the database but will be expanded by gathering information from the community of users.

  • Vocal messages for fixed, mobile speed cameras, redlight cameras, school zones and black spots.
  • Vocal messages also indicate mobile speed camera type. (fixed speed camera, multinova camera)
  • Shows frequency of placement of mobile speed cameras.
  • Integrated speed limiter.
  • Indicates the real speed of the vehicle, the speed limit in the control zone and the distance between the vehicle and the speed camera.
  • Multipoint GPS coordinates to avoid false alerts.
  • Internal active GPS antenna. Optional external antenna available.
  • Permanent speed indication readout coupled to vocal messages near control zones.
  • User memory for own POI.
  • 12-24V DC Power
  • Adjustable volume (4 levels)
  • Adjustable brightness display (3 levels)
  • USB connection
  • One year warranty.