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Go Fast Bits Blow-off Valve Mach 1 (35mm inlet - 30mm outlet - 30mm hose plug)

Go Fast Bits Blow-off Valve Mach 1 (35mm inlet - 30mm outlet - 30mm hose plug)

I installed one of these in my Soarer and I am very happy with the result. For a fraction of the price of other BOVs, this one offers a great sound at...

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2009/2010 WA Drift Series Round 4

The 2009/2010 WA Drift Series is well under way now with 3 round already complete. The competition is just starting to heat up as the top drivers claw their way to the top for that number one spot.

If you are a fan of drifting then head down to Round 4 of the series on the 6th of February at Barbagallo Raceway! Click the poster below for more info and dates of rounds 5 and 6.


The top 10 drivers after the first 3 rounds look like this:

  • Nicholas Van Geest - 66
  • Travis Pickett - 51
  • Danny Vahoumis - 49
  • Cezar Hantar - 45
  • Terance Ingham - 34
  • Adam Trewhella - 32
  • Craig Padfield - 30
  • Ryan Tweddle - 28
  • Joe Waghorn - 24
  • James Eames - 23

We may get down to Round 4 to shoot some footage for ModYourCar TV. Event coverage is something we do want to cover where possible so this might be a good chance to get the ball rolling!

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 14th Jan 2010

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