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MOMO Profile Leather Gear Boot - Silver

MOMO Profile Leather Gear Boot – Silver

Nice product, much better than any stock one and was easy to fit.

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Exedy Twin Plate Clutch Kit – Toyota Supra (2JZ-GTE)

Exedy Twin Plate Clutch Kit - Toyota Supra (2JZ-GTE)
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Product:Exedy Twin Plate Clutch Kit – Toyota Supra (2JZ-GTE)
Model #:EX-TM042SD
Manufacturer Part #:TM042SD
Fitting Guide: Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE

For high-powered applications, EXEDY offers twin and triple Multi-Plate Clutches. These are designed for hot street action as well as drag, road and rally racing.

The twin plate clutches are rated for above 500TQ to 600TQ @ FW. The triple plate clutches are rated for up to and over 800TQ @ FW (for drag race applications). Twins come with both spring damper discs and solid discs. Triples are all solid discs and not recommended for road use.

All of our multi-plate clutches come with a lightweight, chrome moly steel flywheel and the famous purple anodized forged aluminum clutch cover. Depending on the application, we have both strap drive and lug drive models. All have T5001 cerametallic friction materials for extreme heat resistance.

Engine modifications e.g. cam-timing-turbo modifications etc. cause engine pulsation and vibrations. These vibrations can cause clutch rattle when the clutch pedal is depressed by movement on the intermediate separator plate in some applications. These noises will in no way affect the performance of the Exedy Multi Plate Clutch. This rattle is well accepted in the performance industry where engine modifications have been carried out. Please refer to the inside back cover, tech info, for more information.